Creating Interpersonal Relationships

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Unfortunately most people simply don't have the skills to be able to successfully navigate the minefield that can be workplace relationships. In fact I'd estimate that more than 80% of the time I spend as a coach to high-performance Breakthrough Leaders - is spent on helping these leaders to work their way through performance issues and problems with others.

You will fast-track and skyrocket your career and your life success when you unlock the keys to building strong, effective interpersonal relationships with others. In the early part of my career I was certainly guilty of being too aggressive and abrasive and boy did it cost me.

It cost me both in terms of limiting my career progression and it cost me in terms of stress and unhappiness ... I knew I was upsetting others ... I knew people didn't always like me ... I knew that I wasn't being as effective as I could be and I would get more frustrated which led me to take it out on my team which led to ..... you can see the spiral I was on.

Now many years later, literally hundreds of books, attending hours upon hours at workshops (either as a learner or trainer) I have much to share with you to help you improve your workplace relationships - in fact the added benefit is when you apply what you discover here in these workplace relationship articles - you'll also improve your personal relationships. And that is possibly even more important!

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